Saturday, May 31, 2008

A fox, some soup and a lovely blog!

We have a visitor. Every morning at 6am a tiny fox visits our garden. We noticed him three days a go and he is just so beautiful. He doesn't seem to mind me watching him and tomorrow morning I'm going to try and get a photo of him. Its little things like this that make me appreciate being back in the UK so much!
And before anyone mentions it...yes I am rethinking the whole chicken thing!

No crafting today. Once a month I have a 'soup' day where I make three or four different varieties of homemade soup. My only problem today was that we had visitors turn up this afternoon...with cake (which is never a bad thing!)and last nights Mexican evening has haunted me. I was introduced to a drink that was made up of port and a blue tasted like vimto and was delicious...shame my head doesn't think so today!

And I found a blog today that literally had me in tears of laughter. I have to share it, icklepickle as it would be rude not to!! I don't know the bloggers name but the way she looks at life is inspiring and I think I am now going to become a regular visitor.

A group of us are going out to a county fayre tomorrow...I'm tempted to take all my tomato plants and hand them out as they are literally taking over the house!!
Speak soon,

Friday, May 30, 2008

Our garden

Hi everyone.
Just wanted to show you some photos of our new garden. Its huge and takes forever to mow the lawn (thank you eldest child for volunteering!!).
Behind the fence are fields and a beautiful wood.
I would love to get some chickens as we have so much room so was wondering if any of you already have some and could offer some advice?
We have got some shrubs to put in but I still can't decide where to put them!
Hope everyone has a lovely weekend,

To die cut...or not! (Edited)

I went to the craft night last Tuesday and was really disappointed to find that we would be working with die cuts. Even though I have a 'bug' I tend to use it for everything but die cutting!
This card is not like anything I would normally make but once I started it I actually enjoyed it! Sally who owns the shop we were in was lovely and went out of her way to make me and Maggie...the 'new' girls feel at home. June who was doing the demonstrating was really funny and at one point we had to ask her to stop telling jokes as none of us could concentrate for laughing!!
We also made a car card but can't show it in case hubby pops on here!
Anyway Maggie and I started chatting and she asked where we had moved from. You are not going to believe this...but she had lived in Gibraltar in the 1970's with her husband and children...and they lived in the next street to where I lived 2 months ago!! How spooky is that! We are getting together on Monday for a crafting session and to swop photos of Gib!
We are off out tonight to some friends for a Mexican going to have to be good though as its now 12lbs I have lost and I don't want to ruin it!!

Just had to add that I have just had the phonecall I have been waiting all week to hear. My friend Bev had major surgery on Friday and even though I've spoken to her hubby every night its still been a worry. Just spoken to Bev and she sounded amazing. I am not religious...but thank God she is ok,x
Bye for now,

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Award city!

Girls...I'm so chuffed for the amount of awards this week. I know I shouldn't look at it like this but when you can't even hold a craft knife in a steady hand...they really mean a lot!!
So a huge thanks to Debs and Tara for my 3 awards.
I'm going to pass them to a group of people that I have neglected lately but who have still supported me and had huge shoulders for fantastically talented SBS sisters...all of them!
I'm going to let them pick which award they would like to accept...if it was up to me I would let them have all 3!
Have fun deciding girls which one you want and I am so sorry for not being there for you all...I promise to make it up to you all very soon,xxx

I would also like to say a thank you to Debs...she knows why...thanks babe,x

(Jo and her hubby have just turned up with a huge bottle of wine...apparently Jo thinks I need it for medicinal purposes!!)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Me and Gill...

Sometimes in life, if you are lucky, you may come across someone that changes your life forever. I have been that lucky.
Two and a half years ago Gill and I met on a Forces website. We discovered that not only were we posted to Gibraltar at the same time but in the same week. When we met, and she will murder me for saying this, it was in a public toilet and I thought she was stalking me! From that moment my life changed.
We were both passionate about cross stitching but I had left all my stash in storage as there is quite a damp problem in Gibraltar. Gill came to my rescue and lent me some of hers. A few days later I found her making a card...and my new addiction was born! My hubby has never forgiven her for our dwindling finances!
A month later we both adopted unwanted cats from the Cat Welfare Society and decided that we wanted to help. They were desperate for volunteers so every Saturday we would trudge up with our children and clean out over eighty cats! It was smelly and dirty but we loved it and last year we looked after over forty kittens in our houses alone!
Then came the news I was dreading. My husband was being sent out to Iraq. I didn't need to ask. Gill was there every time I cried through fear and loneliness and was by my side constantly.
By this time we had started a craft club from my front room as we wanted to meet other people and share our passion. It helped the time go whilst he was away but we soon realised that it could not continue from my tiny home.
We were offered some old Scout rooms and spent weeks removing rubble and decorating it. Gill and I were up there every spare minute we had and instead of begrudging the work we thrived on it. The room soon became our little haven away from the rest of the world. We were even featured in Papercraft Inspirations and we loved every minute of our new adventures!
Then my world literally fell apart. I became so ill I could barely move. Gill nagged me on daily basis to go to the Doctors but did I! Just before my husband returned from his tour of duty Gill found me at home in a really bad way. She looked after my children, kept my friends and family informed and basically took on my home.
She celebrated with me when we found out after my MRI that it was not MS and held my hand when they diagnosed FM instead.
In this time Gill had a lot going on in her own life but always, somehow, found the time for my family. We then had the best news ever...Gill was going to have a baby. We were all over the moon but things did not go smoothly for her from the start. There were lots of scares with the pregnancy in the early stages and everyday became a worry. Then once again everything changed. We all had another year to do in Gibraltar and had been planning what both our families would be doing together that summer.
We were posted back to the UK. It was devastating news and Gill was the first person I rang. We cried for three days solidly and our husbands wouldn't stop laughing at us!
I am now back in the UK and Gill will be following shortly. She is having a really hard time of things and even though we speak almost daily I just wish I was there to help. We were meant to be going back to Gibraltar for a visit in July but after our chat today we are going to back to stay at Gills in June instead....and I can't wait!
I miss our trips to La Linea market, hot chocolate and churros in Corks, jewellery shopping (how much junk jewelery can two woman buy in one day!!), Saturday night poker games, watching programmes in an afternoon that made us cry,de-fleaing kittens, meals out to the Chinese, spending hours on the internet looking at craft sites, her beautiful children, her grumpy husband (!) but most of all I miss her sat next to me whilst I am crafting...chatting about nothing and laughing at everything.

I haven't got a sister...but I found the nearest thing to one in Gibraltar.
Miss you babe,x

Sharon has very kindly said that I can use this LO in her friendship challenge...we were meant to do cards but I never read instructions properly...thanks hun!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Just hanging around....

Hi everyone!
I have had a really good day today pain wise and that seems to have made the world a much better place!! I'm off to a craft evening tonight at my local craft shop and hope to come away with a few more techniques.
Belle's nursery have asked me to do some make and take evenings for the parents. It's to try and encourage the parents to get more involved which I for one think is great!
I now just have to come up with some ideas as I have no idea if they will be all novices. Even though I did demos for the club its different when you are in an environment that you don't know and you have to supply everything. If any of you have any ideas please let me know!!! (And please don't say peel offs as I detest them and have just done a make and take from my house where they all asked to use them....arghhh!!!)
A quick thank you to Debs as well for the award...I'll put it on in a few days when things have calmed down here a bit!
Anyway enough of me rambling on...I'm always doing LO's of my eldest as a baby....which he have done him this one to showcase his climbing abilities at the weekend! The only rules were that I was not allowed to use flowers or ribbon...oh how tempted was I!!!!
Hope everyone is ok (special hello to some of my SBS sisters who have a lot on their plates at the moment)and thanks for stopping by!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

A day in the forest.

on Saturday we went back to Landmark and met up with my husband's brother and his family. We are all very close and considering we have not seen each other in eighteen months it felt like we had only seen each other a week ago!
The one thing that did shock us all was how much all the children had grown!!
We had a fantastic day and I took well over a hundred photos which I have decided to scrapbook and give to my nephew and niece so that they never forget the day...or the look on their Uncle's face when they made him go on the water rides...priceless!!
This photo is both us Mum's with our children at the end of the day...we were exhausted!!!
I've done it to fit in my 12x6 album that I keep meaning to use but never get round to! The trees and leaves are chipboard and I've used skeleton leaves behind the tree.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Ribbon flowers?

Hello again! I'm actually putting this card up as I could do with some advice. This was my first attempt at making ribbons out of fabric but was just wondering if anyone else had tried this and if they would let me have a look at their results?
I love new techniques but always so unsure of them!! LOL!
Many thanks,

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Grinning at this one!!

Thanks Vikki....this really made my day!! I hope you have fun with the blog candy!!!
So now I have to pass this on to 3 more bloggers and as Vikki said its soooo hard with the amount of talent out there!!!
I've chosen 3 bloggers whose blogs make me smile whenever I pop on. Lisa, Sarah and finally but not at all least Chrissy! Enjoy girls!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Well what a day its been! I've been offered a job as a Consultant but I now have to make some serious decisions as I need to be able to fit this in around my new craft 'make and take' sessions. I just don't know what to do!! LOL!
Anyway this card is for hubby as it is nearly the fifth anniversary of when we met!
Hope everyone is well.
Happy crafting!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Its official...I am a bad blogger!!

I seem to be getting tagged left, right and centre at the mo!! No I'm not complaining...I just forget about them until someone nags me and then I feel so ungrateful!!
But....I am grateful because its lovely knowing that when I am stuck in bed feeling all grumpy someone out there is thinking of me and thats lovely!!!

The eye award is from the beautiful talented Cass and I would like to pass it onto Sammi who has kept me smiling recently.

The circle of friends is from Sammi and I realised tonight that I don't need to pass this on to anyone in particular as we are all in one big blogging circle! So if you have not had an award or are just new to the blogging world...please accept this award from me to you!

Talking of friends I hate it when my friends are it friends in the flesh or the virtual kind. I've had a phonecall tonight off a really close friend, upset because she had read a 'friends' blog and it wasn't totally truthful. I've told her not to worry and that the person in question probably doesn't realise that the whole world can read what we put. What else can I say?

Are you sitting comfortably.....

Then I'll begin!!
I'm so sorry for not getting on here this morning but its one of those days where the phone has not stopped ringing. I've heard so much news today that one minute I've been laughing...then crying...then sobbing...then back to laughing.
I would like to say a big hello to my friends Bev and Gill. Bev is going in for major surgery on Thursday and I just wish it was over now for her. Sending you lots of love babe and I'll be thinking of you.x The card on show is for her.
And Gill rang with sad news as her Uncle passed away at the weekend. She also passed on the news about what has been happening with the craft club we set up in Gib so there have been lots of giggles at that!
I would also like to say that Vikki has won the blog candy! Her blog is really lovely so pop over and have a look!
I know thats lots of you have blog candy on offer at the mo so I am going to try and have a look around tonight and list them on here tomorrow.
Also as most of you know I'm not really into making cards with people on but CCC have got amazing downloads designed by the fantastic Louly which are well worth a look.
And lastly...its been fantastic looking at all these new blogs that entered for the blog candy. The amount of talent out there is amazing and I am going to put some of them on my blog list if that is ok with everyone,x

(And I have got some exciting news to share but will tell all tomorrow!)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The cats whiskers!!!

Hello everyone. Not been to good this past week as having a bit of a bad flare up with my FM but receiving all your lovely birthday cards really cheered me up! A big thank you to all my SBS sisters who sent cards as well!
I need to get a bit more organised myself and start writing down birthdays etc but sitting at my craft desk is a bit of a nightmare at the mo so I PROMISE to get more on top of things next week!
Some good tomato seeds are now little plants and I can't wait to be able to make my own chutney's again this year.
I've also managed to lose 7lbs in weight since we got back to the UK...only another *%"! stone to go!! LOL!
Anyway enough of me rambling on as normal!! I hope you are all keeping well and everyone is having a peaceful start to the summer.
This card is for a friends wedding anniversary. The whiskers are made from black wire, the heart from wood and the template was a download from Charmed Cards and Crafts
And yes I have realised that its similar to my chicken card...but I hadn't realised I had used the same colours until afterwards...oh well!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Up for grabs!

Hello everyone! I've got some blog candy up for grabs if anyone is interested! Its to celebrate my 5000th hit on here...and my birthday tomorrow!
If you would like your name to be put into the draw for it...leave a comment on here and a link on your blog to it...its that simple!
I'll draw the names a week today.
Theres some ribbon and fibres, some sequins, brads, chipwood flowers, some photo corners and some fab paper flowers!!
I've picked summer colours for you and this is open to matter what part of the world you are in!
Thanks for stopping by!

I have just realised that I have not put the Basic Grey papers in the photo...Doh!!!

Caged birds....

But only homemade! This card is for my Mum and her hubby as it is their 10th wedding anniversary this week...congratulations Mum!!
The template is from Crafty templates and the paper is Basic Grey. Embossed the cage using my Bug and used Perfect Pearls for the gilded look.
The heart is chipboard which I triple embossed.
(Shame that the photo is so bad as I actually liked this card for a change!! LOL!!)

I have been tagged quite a few times lately so will start tagging back this weekend when I have some more time ;)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Felt flowers...

Hello again. I hope everyone is well and enjoying the lovely weather! Many apologies for the delay on my blog but BT only connected us yesterday and I have had major withdrawal symptoms from blogland and all my friends!
Well I'm back and have been sooo busy! We are settled in the new house now and my craft room is pure heaven!
I just want to thank everyone that sent us new home cards. We were in undated and they are all so beautiful. I'll take a photo tonight so I can show you all. A big thank you to Lisa over at Lavender stamp blog who sent me a watercolour pad filled with different images...theres enough to keep me going for weeks...thanks Lisa.
I have missed you all so much and I am now going to spend the next week having a good catch up on all your blogs,x

I had so much fun making these felt flowers last night! They are about 14cm round and are all handcut and handsewn and are for my daughter Belle's bedroom. I wanted to make a wall hanging to brighten her bedroom up. It was a labour of love and well worth the effort after seeing Belle's face when she saw them!
(And yes they have been photographed on grass...its been so glorious here today that it seemed a shame to stay in!!!)