Thursday, May 15, 2008

The cats whiskers!!!

Hello everyone. Not been to good this past week as having a bit of a bad flare up with my FM but receiving all your lovely birthday cards really cheered me up! A big thank you to all my SBS sisters who sent cards as well!
I need to get a bit more organised myself and start writing down birthdays etc but sitting at my craft desk is a bit of a nightmare at the mo so I PROMISE to get more on top of things next week!
Some good tomato seeds are now little plants and I can't wait to be able to make my own chutney's again this year.
I've also managed to lose 7lbs in weight since we got back to the UK...only another *%"! stone to go!! LOL!
Anyway enough of me rambling on as normal!! I hope you are all keeping well and everyone is having a peaceful start to the summer.
This card is for a friends wedding anniversary. The whiskers are made from black wire, the heart from wood and the template was a download from Charmed Cards and Crafts
And yes I have realised that its similar to my chicken card...but I hadn't realised I had used the same colours until afterwards...oh well!


a message from gillyflower said...

great blog
just love the cat card so unusual haven't seen anything like this before gorgeous

a message from gillyflower said...

great blog some lovely work
and just love the cat card so unusual really funky

Supermum said...

What a gorgeous card - really unusual and a really funky, contemporary design!
Well done on your weight loss - keep going - I started last week and have lost 3 lb on my first weigh in (My neighbour and I have a 1 stone challenge going on)
Sue. x

Anonymous said...

Lovely card :)
Sorry I missed your birthday.
Congratulations on the weight loss...I need to lose some weight before I visit the UK in July.
Hope your feeling better soon

CarolineH1972 said...

gorgeous card Emma! I have those same papers and been looking for inspiration!! Pink cats - how fab and funky are they, love 'em!


dddeeebbbzzz said...

Love the card. I'm not a cat person but these are funky! Love the mix of different patterns.

Charlol said...

In reply that's fine and I'm doing the same if that's ok have been exploring through your blog. I love the colours you use so inspirational!

Louly said...

Emma I love it to bits! I just realised I didn't have you on the Dottie's World blog roll and I want allll my blogging customers on their so you now have pride of place right at the top. xxx
P.S Well done on your weight loss hun.

Jac said...

What a great card, really has wow factor, loved reading your blog got here via Dotties World.

fairymadjo said...

stunning card, i hope you are feeling alot better now, jo x

Cass said...

Gorgeous cards.Love the colours and the faux stitching.

Cass xxx

Vikki said...


You've done a fab job with this card - I love it to bits!!

Vikki xxx

Karen said...

Wow! I love that! Love the way you have done the cats faces too!