Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Boo...and a bit of bling...

Honey I'm home!

Yep I'm back but under strict orders to take things easy for a while...and so you may notice a few changes to my blog.

Not going to bore you with my trials and tribulations of the past 4 months (gulp it really has been that long!) but I've taken up a few new crafty obsessions and we also have two new additions to the household.

Below is a few items I've made recently for a greyhound charity auction...can you guess yet what the new additions are!?!

Earrings made with greyhound pendants...
Key rings made with greyhound pendants as well!

This is our gorgeous Toby who has only been with us a few weeks but he has fitted in so well. Its his 4th birthday today and has been spoilt rotten.

And my gorgeous girl Holly, who came to us quite by chance in January but God help her previous owner if I ever find them.....grrrrrrrrr.

Thanks to everyone for everything and I'm really happy to be back.x