Thursday, May 29, 2008

Award city!

Girls...I'm so chuffed for the amount of awards this week. I know I shouldn't look at it like this but when you can't even hold a craft knife in a steady hand...they really mean a lot!!
So a huge thanks to Debs and Tara for my 3 awards.
I'm going to pass them to a group of people that I have neglected lately but who have still supported me and had huge shoulders for fantastically talented SBS sisters...all of them!
I'm going to let them pick which award they would like to accept...if it was up to me I would let them have all 3!
Have fun deciding girls which one you want and I am so sorry for not being there for you all...I promise to make it up to you all very soon,xxx

I would also like to say a thank you to Debs...she knows why...thanks babe,x

(Jo and her hubby have just turned up with a huge bottle of wine...apparently Jo thinks I need it for medicinal purposes!!)


nessy said...

hope you enjoyed your bottle of bubbly ,and do hope all the "club" troubles are over!!
happy crafting!!
vanessa xx

samgirl said...

yay! you deserve them! :)

Hope the medicine helped! heehee

samgirl said...

oh... I forgot to add in ..

THANKS for passing awards on to us SBS15 girls! :)