Friday, May 23, 2008

Ribbon flowers?

Hello again! I'm actually putting this card up as I could do with some advice. This was my first attempt at making ribbons out of fabric but was just wondering if anyone else had tried this and if they would let me have a look at their results?
I love new techniques but always so unsure of them!! LOL!
Many thanks,


Eleni said...

This looks absolutely brilliant! :D Glad you liked the blog ... I just wish I had more time to scrap MORE! I'm off to an all day crop tomorrow so maybe I'll get something new done to upload! :D :D

nessy said...

lovely flowers, works really well!! no never tried this technique so cannot help ,sorry
vanessa xx

mel4christ said...

Oh thank you for poppin by! I would love to be on your blog. The ribbon flowers are perfect!!! It's so nice to meet you!!!!


#Donna# said...

Hi Emma, thanks for coming to visit my blog, your card is fab, love the flowers, i've never seen fabric flowers done before, really lovely.

Cass said...

Emma they look gorgeous.They're so pretty.I love the colours you've used. Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog too.I'm really touched by them.Your blog is an inspiration too.You use so many wonderful techniques.

Cass xxx

samgirl said...

Hi Em!
AWESOME .. they are gorgeous!! :) I have not tried this technique but I might have to learn... My sister did make some flowers out of material (similar) that I had on my wedding dress though so maybe she can teach me - if she remembers!!
hope you are having a great weekend!

Monica said...

Just popping in to say hi!!

Joana said...

lovely flowers Emma , haven't try that technique before .

Supermum said...

I'm not a lot of help - sorry - never tried these before. But in my humble opinion, they look fantastic!
Sue. x

dddeeebbbzzz said...

The flowers look great. I've not done anything creative with ribbons - might just have to go and try something!