Monday, September 29, 2008

Got a round tuit!

The girls over at thisthursday have very kindly provided us all with a round 'tuit'....'So we want you to think about all those craft projects that you have been meaning to get a round to, choose one and do it.'

I am embarrassed to say that I started this cross stitch at the beginning of April whilst waiting in Gibraltar airport to come home to the UK. I completed the heart and then put it away for it to stay in a box until two days ago! Poor little cat! LOL! (Also need to mention that hubby is not happy with more cross stitch as its all over our house!)

Not quite sure where the days are going right now. Have spoken to several of my SBS sisters and it seems that everyone is struggling to keep up with 'blurfing' and life in general. Arhhhhhh.....just drink more wine!


Friday, September 26, 2008

Shock, horror!

I've actually made something!
This is for the Basic Grey challenge which this week is all about 'distressed'. Papers are 'Infuse' and I've just distressed away!
I'm meeting all the other Mum's this afternoon for a walk round the park and then cake and coffee. Its the first time I will have been out of bed and out the house so really looking forward to it.
This evening I'm sitting down with a decent bottle of Shiraz and am going to spend the time doing something I have really missed....looking at what you have all been up to! LOL!
Big hugs,

Thanks Natalie!

I've received this gorgeous 'Get well soon' card and goodies in the post from Natalie. Its stunning as she has actually glossed the image so that she looks wet from the rain! Thank you so much really made my day!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

BIG appeal update and HUGE apology...

Hello I hope everyone's having a lovely weekend. I just want to apologise for not getting round to any of your blogs but this is the reason why.....

These are all the parcels that arrived for the appeal...this week!
I am really happy to say that the total now stands at 618 cards and its all down to YOUR hard work. You should all feel very proud of yourselves as you have done a remarkable job! Thank you all so much.x

On a personal note I am sorry that I've been such a crabby friend lately and all your lovely comments and e-mails have meant so much. Things have just been a lot harder than I expected but the dark cloud is lifting slowly and hopefully normal service on this blog will resume shortly.

Big thanks as well to the gorgeous Debbie for this beautiful card and for what she wrote inside....
And to the forever patient and understanding Ruth who is an absolute gem....
The wording on the card says 'Among life's precious jewels, Genuine and rare, The one that we call friendship Has worth beyond compare'.

That pretty much sums up how I feel about all your kind words lately...thanks girls.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A grumpy quickie....

So you thought you could get rid of me that easily...not likely! LOL!

Yep I'm still here...stuck in bed and having a right grump about it. Not quite sure what minute I'm running round the house like a demented idjit sorting everything out for his lordships father arriving...the next I wake up in hospital. Whats that all about? Flipping meds. Luckily my eldest (God bless him) had the common sense to ring for an ambulance and then ring Tina (as she is a responsible adult?). My poor hubby got called back off his course and has spent all week running round after us hero...LOL!

Anyway I'm hoping to be back on my feet in a couple of days so will hopefully be able to catch up with you all and some challenges. Have had loads of parcels arrive for the appeal so will post them all tomorrow.

Big thanks to Tina (for attempting to be a responsible adult and force feeding my kids McDonald's) and to everyone over on the other blog for your lovely messages. my lovely SBS sisters and to everyone that clicked that something was up and e-mailed.

Will catch up with you all over the next few days.
Lots of grumpy hugs,

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ya wee darlin's!

Helloooo! Yes I am still around but only just. It been a really busy week so I can only apologise for not returning e-mails or visiting blogs but can hopefully let you know next week what I have been up to. Thanks to everyone for the concerned e-mails...I will get back to you all over the next couple of are all so lovely!

One thing I have been really busy with is the SOS card appeal.....236 have already been received and that does not include what Gill and I will be adding as well...well done to you all but please keep them coming. Every card WILL make a difference and brighten someones day....huge thanks to all who have already donated.x (Big thanks to Tina as well who is helping with all the sorting!)

Thanks to Cathy for passing an award onto me...I will collect it soon and pass them all on...thanks hun.

Lastly as well as receiving cards for the appeal I have received some gorgeous ones for myself and they have really made my week. So thanks to...

Natalie for sending this beautiful card with some lovely stamped images..

Donna for this fab PB card with images...
And Linda....who even though she is having a bad time of things still thought of me...thanks sweetheart.
I'll catch up with everyone over the next few days and I hope you are all well.
Lots of hugs,

Sunday, September 7, 2008


My oh so talented pal Chris is one of the DT for the new Basic Grey challenge blog so I had to join in with the fun as 1) I adore BG and 2) she may shout at me! LOL!
The first challenge is to make a card using here is my effort using acetate. My one button is vintage, papers are BG 'sultry' and there is memory wire behind the flower. I've really enjoyed making this so many thanks to Martine for coming up with such a brilliant challenge blog!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Black is back....

Hello. The challenge this week over at thisthursday is 'Black is back' in honour of Susie now becoming a lovely wife...many congratulations Susie...I hope the honeymoon is fantastic.

I've made this for my step mothers birthday next week...except Tracey is 6 months younger than me so its very bizarre calling her that!

Hope everyone is well.x

Friday, September 5, 2008

A bit overwhelmed....

Hi. (After re-reading this I have just realised that you may want to go and grab a cuppa or just switch off now....) Just bear with me on this one as there's no point in me saying how tough the past two weeks have been because you all know that. I still feel that its not really happened and I keep waiting for someone to tell me that its just a horrible joke and that she is OK. It all feels so surreal. I find myself one minute smiling at something the kids have done and then sobbing my heart out. I know they say time is a great healer but I feel that things will never be the same again.

Don't worry I'm not going to go on about it...I think you've all put up with me enough lately and I feel that everyday I am thanking someone for another show of kindness. I originally set this blog up so that my friends and family could keep up with what I was up to but if anyone had told me what wonderful friends I would make through this I would never have believed them.

So without further ado I am going to say yet more belated thank you's.....

Cathy who has saved my sanity as well this week sent not only 30 cards for the troops but this beautiful card for me....its so sweet....
Kelly my gorgeous friend from SBS 15 sent me this card and the colours are stunning...
And Kath...sent this which is decoupaged and the swirls are actually cut out of the card...stunning...
Jane sent be this oh so cute note pad after I commented about one she had done on her blog.....I just need to save it from Belle!
Tina (my own private shrink!) made this beautiful felt brooch, card and earrings for me......
Chris sent me this gorgeous card and the photo just does not do it justice.....
My lovely SBS sister Lisa sent me this cute ATC for our friendship swop but also a beautiful card and some crafty goodies.....
Jane also sent me this card...
My Docrafts friend Fiona sent this lovely ATC...
A big thanks to Becky, Dawny P, Tracey, Debbie, Donna and Sarah C who have all kindly passed on tags or awards to me. They are much appreciated and I will one day eventually get round to collecting them...thanks girls.

I also need to say thank you to everyone who has been sending cards for the troops. There is a slide show at the top right so you can see them all. Thank you.

And finally....I have tried to contact everyone individually to say thank you for all the messages and e-mails of support and if I have missed you I can only apologise as my head is still not all a HUGE thank you to....(I told you to grab a cuppa!)...

Gill, Tina, Natalie, Debs (meandlilG), bunnyb, Lainy,Christine, Manda, Kim, Lisa B, Becky, Pauline, Kelly, Teresa, Monica, Jennifer, Emma, Amanda, Jessica, Cass, Dawn, fe-fe, Trace dee, Gina, Donna, Sammi, Cathy, Nessy, Sarah, Sue, Debbie, Tracey, Sarah C, Vicky, Louly, Chrissy, DawnyP, Pam, Linda, Sammi Jay, Tara, madge, Ruth, Kath, Jane, Jan A and tiptop......

with heartfelt thanks to you all.x

I know I've not been a great bloggy friend lately and I can only apologise but....some how saying 'thank you' seems so little in comparison to the love, friendship and support you have all shown me.

With much love to you all,

Huge Birthday Hugs to....

my best mate Sammi!
I hope you had a lovely day babe with lots of lovely crafty goodies!

This is the card that Belle made for her using one of Sammi's own fairy images! (Which you can purchase from her blog...hint hint! LOL!)
Crafty birthday hugs,