Saturday, May 31, 2008

A fox, some soup and a lovely blog!

We have a visitor. Every morning at 6am a tiny fox visits our garden. We noticed him three days a go and he is just so beautiful. He doesn't seem to mind me watching him and tomorrow morning I'm going to try and get a photo of him. Its little things like this that make me appreciate being back in the UK so much!
And before anyone mentions it...yes I am rethinking the whole chicken thing!

No crafting today. Once a month I have a 'soup' day where I make three or four different varieties of homemade soup. My only problem today was that we had visitors turn up this afternoon...with cake (which is never a bad thing!)and last nights Mexican evening has haunted me. I was introduced to a drink that was made up of port and a blue tasted like vimto and was delicious...shame my head doesn't think so today!

And I found a blog today that literally had me in tears of laughter. I have to share it, icklepickle as it would be rude not to!! I don't know the bloggers name but the way she looks at life is inspiring and I think I am now going to become a regular visitor.

A group of us are going out to a county fayre tomorrow...I'm tempted to take all my tomato plants and hand them out as they are literally taking over the house!!
Speak soon,


Louly said...

Oooh! Can I come and live with you? Pleeeeaase. I don't know which would be better the fox, the soup or just having a fab crafty friend to natter and craft with all day long.

Supermum said...

Emma - as recommended I've hopped over to Ickle Pickle - very funny - and I can see why you maybe rethinking the whole chicken thing!!
Take care

moon daisy said...

hi emma,
thank you for those lovely comments. you have some fab cards your self as well as a gorgeous garden.


moon daisy said...

oh and for got to say you have a fabulous blog as well.

Ickle Pickle said...

Hi Emma,

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a lovely comment :) Also for the lovely mention of my blog in this post.

I am glad I made you giggle although I was not giggling I can assure you. Chicken pie appeared from nowhere yesterday in my back garden no less than 3 times and even pecked me.Grrrr.

My advice to you would be to steer clear of having chickens unless you can provide them with a big enclosed run. My neighbours garden was utterly swooming in delicious flowers and plants last year until her OH decided to rescue some bald chickens. There is literally nothing left they have eaten everthing in sight. Stick to your foxes. We have one last visits here from the farm around the corner, I just wish it would visit next door, only joking, only joking LOL

Cheers ears


Ickle Pickle said...

Just been having a peruse of your blog in more detail off to add you to my crafty links if that's OK :) Hope you have a lovely day :)

Sarah C said...

Ooh, what soup were/are you making? Sounds like you have a permanent garden guest now too xxx

Charlol said...

I agree I love the blog very funny! We also have a fox that comes to say hello at 12/1 in the morning!!!! However, he is beautiful and a big male (I think?)
Have fun maing soup sounds yummy and hope the head is less tender!

Anonymous said...

How you doing?
Lost my craft mojo and my blogging mojo for a while...was getting quite worried lol.
Love your new place....all that space after living on a little rock :)
I made banoffee pie the other week and all the toffee that was left in the tin I just got a spoon and ate it all...very sweet but soooo nice.
How many craft shops are near you? I can't wait to visit the UK in July...all those craft shops to visit :)
Take care xxx

Chrissy said...

Hope you are feeling better today...I used to keep chickens and still loved our fox visitor, I like to see wildlife in any form but don't tell the farmer!!! Ickles blog is great, I am a regular reader and have used one of her great doodles before now...

Vikki said...

Hi Emma

Soooo.... you've been on the good old Cheeky Vimtos eh?? Nice aren't they?! :)

Just going to nip over and visit Ickle Pickle too.

Vikki xxx

a message from gillyflower said...

how lovely to have a fox in your garden
we only have some frogs and toads not quite the same

i used to have a soup day many years ago when i could stand long enough and do the bending etc
french onion is my favourite and so easy to make with cheesy croutons yum yum

MeandLilG said...

Go look at me blog!!! xxx