Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Just hanging around....

Hi everyone!
I have had a really good day today pain wise and that seems to have made the world a much better place!! I'm off to a craft evening tonight at my local craft shop and hope to come away with a few more techniques.
Belle's nursery have asked me to do some make and take evenings for the parents. It's to try and encourage the parents to get more involved which I for one think is great!
I now just have to come up with some ideas as I have no idea if they will be all novices. Even though I did demos for the club its different when you are in an environment that you don't know and you have to supply everything. If any of you have any ideas please let me know!!! (And please don't say peel offs as I detest them and have just done a make and take from my house where they all asked to use them....arghhh!!!)
A quick thank you to Debs as well for the award...I'll put it on in a few days when things have calmed down here a bit!
Anyway enough of me rambling on...I'm always doing LO's of my eldest as a baby....which he hates...so have done him this one to showcase his climbing abilities at the weekend! The only rules were that I was not allowed to use flowers or ribbon...oh how tempted was I!!!!
Hope everyone is ok (special hello to some of my SBS sisters who have a lot on their plates at the moment)and thanks for stopping by!!


ScrappyPam said...

Nice layout!

Kelly Schelske said...

Great layout Emma...with no flowers or ribbon either!! Fantastic!!

dddeeebbbzzz said...

Love the LO! That's just the sort of thing we've been doing all weekend - well not so much we as they - I don't do physical outdoor stuff!!
How about a simple maze book for the M&T. People could bring photos with them and then decorate to their own taste. You could cut basic embellishments for them to use. When we made them with the Brownies I punched shapes from all my scrappy leftover bits. As they are small you only need bits of ribbon etc so nut much stash to take.

Cass said...

Emma this is an absolutely gorgeous LO.Love the papers you've used.Not sure if I'd like to be climbing that high....lol

Well done on the classes.I'm in the same position with taking scrapbooking classes so not much help as I'm a bit nervous about it too.It'll be fab whatever you do.

Cass xxx

Charlol said...

Reminds me of the trip to Isle of Wight. looks like he's having lots of fun!!!!

Juliet said...

Hi Emma - glad today is a better day for you. I agree with Debz - for my first class we made a maze book and the ladies were hooked straight away being able to achieve something lovely so quickly. Hope it goes well for you.
Juliet xx

Chrissy said...

I love the layout Em, it is fabulous...I am going to take note, I have a lot of male ones to do and sometimes its good to make them nice w/o flowers! Thanks for the award hun....I will get around to posting it and awarding it too as soon as I am a bit more sorted...sorry bout the hassle you seem to have been getting :( (plenty of no notice methinks)....
and well done on the classes, you will be good for them :-)

nessy said...

great layout emma!! that looks high!!! looks like you all had a fab time!!
vanessa xx
how about some stamped images they can paint and then just mat and layer with coloured card and a sentiment!!(bit of ribbon??)

Sammee said...

Looks like you had better weather than we did this weekend! Great layout. Still haven't taken the big step into scrapbooking! Maze book is a great idea, or how about jacobs ladder, tag book or exploding box? Good luck.
Sam x

Tara said...

Hi Emma,
I've left a little something on my blog for you today :o)
Tara xxx