Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Its official...I am a bad blogger!!

I seem to be getting tagged left, right and centre at the mo!! No I'm not complaining...I just forget about them until someone nags me and then I feel so ungrateful!!
But....I am grateful because its lovely knowing that when I am stuck in bed feeling all grumpy someone out there is thinking of me and thats lovely!!!

The eye award is from the beautiful talented Cass and I would like to pass it onto Sammi who has kept me smiling recently.

The circle of friends is from Sammi and I realised tonight that I don't need to pass this on to anyone in particular as we are all in one big blogging circle! So if you have not had an award or are just new to the blogging world...please accept this award from me to you!

Talking of friends I hate it when my friends are upset...be it friends in the flesh or the virtual kind. I've had a phonecall tonight off a really close friend, upset because she had read a 'friends' blog and it wasn't totally truthful. I've told her not to worry and that the person in question probably doesn't realise that the whole world can read what we put. What else can I say?


kerry said...

Hi Emma, thank you for popping by my blog & for your lovely comments. I'd be flattered if you added it!

Loving your beautiful creations, they are fab!!
Kerry xxx

samgirl said...

Oh .. you are not a bad blogger, You have a life right :) and MANY reasons to not always be online 24/7! Don't let anyone/ anything make you feel guilty and just do what you can :)

Oh - THANKS for the lovely eye award ... I'll pass that on later... as it's LATE here and I need sleep so that I can get up tomorrow :)

I do love reading and looking at your blog and seeing your wonderful creations!!

Take care

Hunnybunnycards said...

Hi Emma, just dropping by to say hello and your cards are beautiful.