Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lots of thank yous and 'THAT' Santa stamp! (2 of 4)

Yes its 'that' Santa stamp!! Pauline managed to get her hands on some extra ones, then did a draw to see who could buy it off her...and it was me!!! I couldn't stop grinning when I heard as its for another bloggy friend to use....I bet you can guess who! Many thanks Pauline.x

Belle then received this in the post from our friend Sammi in Oz and she hasn't stopped walking round with it. Its now looking slightly battered but she loves it so I'm not complaining! There was also lots of little crafty bits and pieces but unfortunately I cannot show them as Belle got to the envelope before I did...need I say more!?!
Sammi also included this beautiful card for myself which is one of my favourite 'Maggie's'...thanks hun.x
And then these gorgeous images arrived from Donna...perfect as I was running really low on Christmas images.....
and they were inside this stunning card which is so autumnal its gorgeous!
So I'm feeling thoroughly spoilt once again but its such a lovely feeling so thank you to everyone that has sent me cards recently!


Macpurp said...

wwww see! some folk do love you!

cute cards xxx

Jessica Smith said...

Wow look at all those RAK you lucky lady.

Deb said...

Wow These are fabulous!! A little bit of everything!! Lucky you again!! Getting spoiled is wonderful isn't it!!

Deb said...

Ooooh and I loooove that Santa stamp!! Fabulous!! Someone is very lucky!!

Pauline C said...

Ooh so glad Santa arrived safely (even without his sleigh LOL!!) - love your gifts too
Pauline x

bubblegum said...

Wow Em - you have been busy..I am impressed with your stamps and storage - well done you girl. It looks sooooo organised and tidy. :) :)

What beautiful RAKS you have received -see how much people think of you - awwww sweet. :) :)

Your Father Christmas stammps is really beautiful. :) :)

Hope you are keeping better..hugs


Ruth - Crafty Wanderings said...

Oooo you lucky thing. I love "that" stamp. What gorgeous gifts and cards you've received! Fabulous!
Hugs Ruth x

Donna said...

Hi Emma, i have a really quick and easy stamp storage solution that you'll get a big drawer and throw them in, ta da. I wish i was as organised as you, i just have a drawer for everything. Love that santa stamp btw. Take Care. Donna x

Sammi said...

Oh good! I'm glad that it arrived!! :)