Thursday, October 23, 2008

A beautiful award....(1 of 4!)

I know I'm notorious for never collecting awards or tags but this one is so beautiful I couldn't leave it.....
So many thanks to Susie, Vikki, Christine, Pauline, and Dawn. Thanks so much girls as it is much appreciated.

I know that most of you have received this award already but I am going to pass it on to Alison, Pandy, Debs and Jane who themselves or a member of their family have something in common with me....but I wish we didn't. (Fibromyalgia if anyone was wondering!)
So if anyone else out there has a chronic illness please accept this award as well with love.
Gentle hugs,


Sammi said...

oooh... well done you! :)
Hope you are feeling OK at the moment!!
Love Sammi

Deb said...

Ohhhh how sweet of you!! I hope you are having good days. The last few have been pretty miserable here as the cold weather sets in and I have this terrible cough and I'm sure you know how much that hurts!! Thanks again and Huge Gentle Hugs!!

princesskitten said...

Oh wow - thanks em.

hope these cold wet days are not dragging you down. I seem to have slept through most of this week!!

Pauline C said...

You're welcome hun!
Pauline x