Friday, June 27, 2008

My little haven and updates!

This is my little craft haven away from the world. There is also a large walk in wardrobe, just out of shot, that holds all my sewing stash.

Wasn't planning on coming back on today as Fridays are always a bit busy in our house...but several things have happened so thought I'd share them...if anyone is interested...if not then log off now!!
SSAFA have been in touch and they are going to give us some extra support whilst hubby goes away. Can't tell you how relieved I am as I was really worried about Belle.
Thanks to everyone for your e-mails about Jake. His collar bone isn't giving him to many problems and he is back with the fracture clinic next week. He has not moaned once about the pain and I am so proud of him.
FINALLY had a letter from the solicitor's today. If anyone had told me that getting remarried (3 years ago!!) was going to cause so many problems with surname changes I wouldn't have bothered! Only him to bits!
And the best bit of news I can share...whilst I was in the shower Belle came in and said she had used the toilet. Her nappy was off so I went to investigate...dreading what I was going to find...and she had used the potty!!!! So happy as she had shown no interest so thrilled that she is finally coming round to the idea.
I'd also like to say thanks to everyone for all the visitors I have had lately and all the lovely comments. It really has meant a lot especially when I know that so many of you are not having a particularly good time at the moment.Crafty peeps really are a nice bunch!!
Take care,


MeandLilG said...

Good news at last!! About time, hunny! Brilliant about the solicitor's letter and even better news about Belle - well done, baby girl!! Very proud of you xxxx

Macpurp said...

if i go missing , i will leave a note telling Andrew to come looking for me in your craft room!
Good news on the SAFFA , and solicitors letter and Jake not being in pain and your Big Girl Belle!

when is Steve away?

Chrissy said...

Em, you can use any of my images so if you are struggling use one that is coloured in! As for surname changes, I wrote the book last year...I reverted to maiden by deed poll, that was easy, the rest wasn't, LOL. I love your craft room, tis ace :-D Oh and well done to Belle and a small hug (not crushy) to Jake X

kes said...

good news hurrah things can only get better It did your craft room !!!!!!

Sammi said...

Oooh... love your little craft haven!! :) think I'll come and play there!! Great news you'll be getting some extra support whilst your hubby is away... good on Belle!! :) Wow Jake is a brave lad! Hope is arm heals quickly and well! Have a great weekend!!

nessy said...

nice to hear some good news ~ just what you need right now!!
well done belle ~ lewis is also doing well ~even tries to tidy up his mess ~yes didn`t quite make it thursday evening ,so put on the taps in the bath and sink and tried to clean up ~ i opened the bathroon door to see our white bathroon ~ brown coloured!!and a little voice say "don`t worry mummuy ,i`m sorting it!!" took me an hour to clean the sink,bath,toilet,floor and put the rugs/pants in the washing machine and give him a bath!! you may laugh ,i did!! how can you be angry!!
as for your craft room ,can i have one!! maybe we could all put up pics of our crafting rooms/spaces /clutter!!??
have a great weekend
hugs,vanessa xx

Sarah C said...

Woweee Emma you must be so happy with it all. Love your craft haven. I'm coming over to have a play LOL

Great news that SSFA are going to help you :D Didn't know about Jake's collar bone, so gentle (((HUGS))) for him from me. Wow and (((HUGS))) to Belle for using her potty. What a great achievement and milestone.

We may be crafty, but I agree that we're also a really nice bunch of people. I've never known such support, laughter and love from so many people. If any of my craft friends are reading this and that includes you Emma, love you all to pieces (((HUGS))) xxxx

Ickle Pickle said...

Great news Emma :) How tidy is your craft room. Would you like to come and tidy mine LOL

Joana said...

well done Belle , nice to hear about your good news :),
love your craft heaven , i just have mine dining table sorry and a huge walk in cupboard to hid my stash away

Jo said...

Oh Emma, I'm so jealous! I long to have a whole room for my crafting! How long is your DH going away for? Typical isn't it, mine's just got back and yours has to go. Sorry about Jake's collar bone but high five to big girl Belle for using her potty!!

Kate's Makes said...

HI Emma, just to say thanks for the comment on my card and great to see your craft room! I have recently taken over the spare room and it's sooo much better having a room just for all your stuff! x

Dawny P said...

Wow how neat is your craft room. You should see mine!! It could pass as a tip any day of the week xx