Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April fools....

Firstly I have got a card to show you but I need to take a photo of it in really good daylight so will blog it tomorrow. Its a lot different to anything I have done before so not sure what the response will be from you guys!! Pop on tomorrow and let me know your thoughts on it!

Right then...its April the 1st and it really does feel like April Fools day...unfortunately in our house at the moment there's not a lot of joking going on. Something has happened to us as a family and we are all having a hard time dealing with it. The big move back to the UK next week IS still going ahead but we are leaving Gibraltar with under a huge black cloud and I feel like my heart is breaking with it all.
Obviously this blog is public so I cannot say what is wrong but I want to take this opportunity to thank my best mate Gill and her hubby for their support. The thought of leaving them next week just brings more tears.
I also want to say a huge thank you to my SBS sisters...all your wonderful messages today have meant so much...thanks girls,x

I am shocked though as I've received three awards today! The 'You make my day' award was from the lovely Cathy at ellieskeeperscreations . The other two are from my lovely SBS sisters but will put them on tomorrow. And yes it has made me smile for the first time in days! This means I get to nominate 13 people...yipee!!
So tomorrow there will be one very unusual card....13 nominations....and me painting the kids bedrooms!
And finally....thanks to each and every one of you that take your time to look at my blog....it really does mean a lot and makes everything really worthwhile,x


au poussin bleu said...

Hi dear,
Sorry to hear your heart it's broken, Mine was too.Specially after meeting you guys. But well like you i hate sudden move.Very difficult to deal with. I have a dear friend who is leaving in Inverness , will drop a word to her , because inverness is really not far from where you 're going and having someone nice to meet at the other end would be a little confort for you.So i will email Karen, she is lovely and very scottish too.!
I totally forgot about April fool! I am feeling rought at the mo so my mind wasn't into it. But James will be on holiday as from tonight , will be nice to have a bit of company , Say hi to Gill. Hug to your big Daughter she has grown so much and she look beautiful. Hope you feel better.Like your new look on your blog!