Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Hello all. Have finally got round to looking at my blogs after months of neglect and nearly ran the other way. So after much thought (and a couple of glasses of Merlot) I've decided to simplify things in the hope of not feeling quite so daunted by the whole prospect of blogging again.

I realised many months ago that I was spending so long blog hopping that the crafty side of me was being completely neglected and that is the whole point of my blog! Don't get me wrong I love looking at other peoples work (that's where the inspiration comes from) but sometimes the pressure to create and keep on top of challenges can be a bit overwhelming and then spending up to 3 hours going through my blog list, everyday to keep up with you all :), is just...well...overwhelming.

So my blog list is empty. I plan to slowly and gradually build it back up and spend the time appreciating my friends creativeness instead of worrying that I may offend them if I don't comment on their blog every day...and yes I know I'm not the only one that thinks like this ;)

A lot has happened in my personal life since my last post and all good for a change. My wonderful son has become a junior soldier and hopes to become part of the Royal Artillery. To say I'm the proudest mum in the world is a very small understatement. Missing him like mad and still not used to music not blaring out of his bedroom every night!

We are also having a new addition to our family in April...and no I'm not expecting. My darling Nana is moving back from New Zealand to live with us and we are over the moon. I just wish I could persuade my mother to move back to the UK as well...if you are reading this mother please take note!

Finally (you can stop snoring now) many thanks to everyone that has kept in touch and for all my lovely cards...I have a huge boxful and I promise that when I get the time I will display them all for you to see that I really did appreciate them and keep them!

So I will be over to visit you in the not to distant future and look forward to seeing what you've been up to.


Gill said...

Hooray!! Lovely to see you back, you never know I might even be inspired to join you again one day soon!!
Miss u lots honey love u xxx

Gill said...

How lovely to see you back honey...you never know I might be inspired to join you one day soon... miss you lots and love u xxx

hello gorgeous said...

hey gorgeous, it's LOVELY to have you back ;o) NO PRESSURE is how it should be and if you EVER feel that way again - just shout - we are here! Mwah! xxx ;o))

ScrappyPam said...

Welcome back, Emma!

nessy said...

oh emma ~so lovely to see you blogging again ~and congrats on your news!!
one step at a time emma ~still great to see you back
vanessa xx
press 1

Sammi said...

yay!!! LOVELY to see your blog pop up in my reader :D :D
No pressure at all re commenting etc (although I understand what you mean!)
ooh.. maybe your Mum will move now too!! (hugs)

Cass said...

Hi Emma,good to see you back.Your post is exactly how I've felt about blogging.I just can't keep up anymore,so have kinda stopped posting now.I was spending hours commenting too and I just don't have the time for it.
If you want a 6 year old to come visit,he'll blare plenty rock music for you,as he does here...lol.
Cass xxx

~ Ali ~ said...

jings Mrs I really have missed so much......Hope I'm forgiven. So glad to here your nana is coming home. Must admit you had me worried there..lol. As of blogging well life is for living yes I do blog alot but I'm a saddo PML ;) I never expect comments but if I get them then it's a plus I would never be offended either as lets face it's only blogging. And what about your boy eh how proud are you so please Emma that thinngs are on the up honey. You deserve it.