Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Half naked men!

Not really but I needed to get your attention! LOL! Well its already the 1st of October and by rights the cards for the appeal should have stopped...NOT! They are still flooding in thick and fast and are slowly taking over my dining room!

We will be taking them over to Aby at SOS in Aberdeen on Saturday and she has kindly agreed to do the draw for me so any cards received up until then will be put into the hat. This appeal will be featured on the SOS website so I'll let you know when its there.

I promise (faithfully) that next week my blogging will be back to normal and I will be back on track visiting you. Spending each night sorting the appeal cards at the mo when Belles gone to bed so just not enough hours in the day. I'm also working on a couple of bits but will show them later once the card appeal is over. For those of you that have FM is still misbehaving but I'm just kicking its backside!

Now comes the gushy bit....the cards I have received this month for myself have cheered me up so much and it feels wonderful knowing I have so many good friends out there in craft land. I do appreciate that many of you have problems at the moment, so to know that you are thinking of me really does mean an awful lot...probably more than you realise. I'm sorry for not sending any out like I normally do but will once this week is over. (And boy is my postie going to be relieved!!)

So once again many thanks to....

Joana and her gorgeous family for sending me this beautiful get well card and images....
Fe-Fe for this very cute card....
and Tracey who's words had me in tears...thanks babe.x
And to Tina...who gave me these beautiful roses today and who always knows just the right words to say...
So that's all til Saturday folks. Thanks for reading...and thanks for being there.
Big hugs


Macpurp said...

half naked men????


glad you like the flowers
hugs xxx

Fe-Fe said...

I'm glad my cards got to you ok. I bet you never thought you'd get so many did you? Well done to you in getting so much interest and support. It is a wonderful thing you have done.

Fe x

Donna said...

Wow Emma, can't believe how many cards you have gathered up, Fantastic, well done you and everyone who sent them in and of course your lovely postman/woman. I am currently organising a christmas/21st birthday party for my son as he goes on the 12th Nov but i have told him there is no excuse not to send me a christmas card lol. Glad to hear you've been kicking some fm backside and not letting it kick yours. Take care Donna x

SammieJay said...

Thanks for the update! And well done for the organisation again. You must be over the moon with the response and even I feel proud for you. I can't say well done often enough!
Take care of yourself too.
Much love,

Sammi said... are a funny girl Em!!
hee hee
How lovely! I'm glad you received some lovely mail and those flowers are sooo gorgeous!

Joana said...

where are they I to late ???... how come i always miss the good things .... well just have to dream then ** half naked man .... huuummmmmm lol****
glad the card arrived safely