Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A grumpy quickie....

So you thought you could get rid of me that easily...not likely! LOL!

Yep I'm still here...stuck in bed and having a right grump about it. Not quite sure what minute I'm running round the house like a demented idjit sorting everything out for his lordships father arriving...the next I wake up in hospital. Whats that all about? Flipping meds. Luckily my eldest (God bless him) had the common sense to ring for an ambulance and then ring Tina (as she is a responsible adult?). My poor hubby got called back off his course and has spent all week running round after us hero...LOL!

Anyway I'm hoping to be back on my feet in a couple of days so will hopefully be able to catch up with you all and some challenges. Have had loads of parcels arrive for the appeal so will post them all tomorrow.

Big thanks to Tina (for attempting to be a responsible adult and force feeding my kids McDonald's) and to everyone over on the other blog for your lovely messages. my lovely SBS sisters and to everyone that clicked that something was up and e-mailed.

Will catch up with you all over the next few days.
Lots of grumpy hugs,


Kath said...

Hi Emma
Hope you are feeling a bit better
Big fuzzy bloggy Hugs

Becky said...

Oh! What a drama Em, hope you are better now! How awful for that to happen!
Love Becky xx

Helen said...

Sorry to hear you're not well Emma...I thought you may have been buried under a mountain of SOS cards! lol
Hope you're soon on the mend.
Helen x

MeandLilG said...

Hi babes, good to hear from you. Glad you're on the mend. Very brave of Steve to venture onto DC!! Much respect to him LOL!!

Not too sure about the 'responsible adult' theory, mind!!!

Get well quickly!! Sending you something in the post very soon (start work tomorrow which is a bit of a bummer!) xxxx


Dear Emma
Sorry to hear you have not been well. You take plenty of rest and don't go overdoing it!! Lovely to see you back on your blog though. Big hugs Linda x

Jennifer Rose said...

hopefully the meds get sorted out and this doesn't happen again. take it easy and get better soon :)

NGCARDS said...

Oh my I am so sorry to hear this, hope your bouncing back soon! Shame on her for force feeding them Mc Donalds! :P xxx

Kelly Schelske said...

I'm so glad to hear that all is on the mend Emma!!
Take care!
Hugs, Kelly

Donna said...

Aww Emma, I wondered where you'd gone, kept nipping over for a quick chat but you were nowhere to be seen. That must have been so scarey for you and your family, glad to hear your on the mend, a good pot of stew is what you need to build yourself up, maybe i'll just post.....nah you'd probably end up in hospital again lol i'm far from being a good cook. Take care pet and get someone to make that stew for you. Donna x

Sammi said...

((((BIG HUGS))) my dear friend!!
You make sure you keep resting up - and letting that hubby take care of you!! What a good man :)
Love ya!!

Monica said...

Big Hugs Emma!! Glad your starting to feel better!! Miss you!

Macpurp said...

now Mrs! I have NEVER once claimed to be a responsible adult, NOT once you hear me!!!

As for the McDonalds...ach well...whatca gonna do eh?????
I left them with a healthy dinner....
well your frozen soup......who am I kidding.....responsible adult

see you later on xx

Fe-Fe said...

Oh Emma, you poor thing. Hope you are feeling better now chuck. Glad hubby is looking after you well. What a star eh?

Take care of yourself, we don't want any repeat performances! Lol!

Fe x

Christine (Craftling) said...

Hi, Emma.. Good to hear from you, but sorry to hear of your trials!! My, you've been through it! :o(

Hope you'll be better soon, and up and about again.

Chris xx

Jane said...

Hi my foggy friend, great to see your slowly getting there again.
Thinking of you

ScrappyPam said...

So glad to hear your "voice"! I'm thinking about you!

bubblegum said...

HI Emma - glad to hear you are feeling a bit better now - poor thing. :) Good job Tina was around to force feed your kids, lol, lol.
Take care and get better soon...


nessy said...

hi emma ~ i do hope you stay in bed until you are well enough to run around again!!
let the kids eat big macs for a few more days ~doctors orders~gosh never thought i would say that!!
hugs ,lots of
vanessa xx

Cass said...

Great to see you back Emma.Hope you're feeling a lot better.
Cass xxx

Cathy said...

Aww Em Hope you are OK and on the mend.
Big big hugs
Cathy xxxxx

PS got the email - will respond xx

Alison said...

Hey Emma glad you are ok jings i couldn't believe it when i got an email back from Steve. I really do hope you are taking it easy and being spoiled. Take care, mwah.

a message from gillyflower said...

hiya grumpy pants
didn't know you had been taken ill
hope you are back to normal pretty soon
must of been frightening for your lad to find you like that but thank goodnes you are ok or at least on the way to being ok
take care

Tara said...

Take care Emma, hope you are on the mend again!
Hugs, Tara xxx

Supermum said...

Ahhh babe....what a nightmare....hope things are getting better to normal.
Take care.
Sue. x

Marlou said...

Hope you feel better soon :) take things easy :)