Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sorry girls....

I just don't know where this week has gone. I've hardly visited any of your blogs this week and I feel terrible after all the amazing support you have all given me recently!

I've been working on a couple of projects, sorting out the new blog and I've also just started a new one for my SBS sisters (with some fantastic help from Sammi!) which goes live on Monday...yikes!

Thanks to everyone that has joined us over at the new blog...its so lovely getting to know you all off blog if that makes sense!

I was also invited to join 'The Glitter Gossips' team over at UKS so am slowly starting to get to know them all. Teresa my SBS sister is already on the team and Sharon who runs it lives near me! I was really nervous about joining but they are all so lovely!

Sharon has invited me to a crop she is holding in September and I am going to drag Tina along and its going to be great finally putting faces to all the names I chat to on UKS.

Feeling very tired at the moment and Belle has been a little whirlwind all week...I would love some of her energy. In fact I'm so tired I'm not even going to link back to anyone I have mentioned in this please forgive!

I hope everyone is ok and I promise that I will pop over and see you in the next few days...if I don't you have my permission to kick me!

Will post something crafty tomorrow...if I can find my way out of bed!


Macpurp said...

whats a crop....I know we are going to it, but what is it?
If we get into as much trouble as we did the last time we went out.....

NATALIE said...

tut tut ignoring your fellow bloggers *shakes head* lol
u do seem busy wioth all your blogs!

Sammi said...

It has gone quickly - I agree!! :)
Time flies when you are having fun (or being busy)!
Hey great news on being invited to join the Glitter Gossips! What does that mean you do??
the crop sounds fun!!

Kelly Schelske said...

Emma, now owrries at all my friend, you have done so much work for our SBS group and I can't wait ot see the new blog that you and Sammi have created, I'm sure it'll be fantastic!! I never seem to have enough time ot get around to everyone's blogs either, but tonight I made the point to do just that:-) Chat with you soon:-)

Christine (Craftling.. Using real name now!) said...

MacP.. a crop is what the farmers bring in when they harvest their fields. Honestly! You didn't KNOW that??


Chris xx

Christine (Craftling.. Using real name now!) said...

Em.. Sorry to hear you're feeling so tired. Wish I lived nearby. I'd come and look after Belle for you for a while to give you a break. I'd take her to Findhorn for a paddle and make sandcastles.

Chris xx

Donna said...

Omg how do you manage it all, i'm tired just thinking of all that work. Donna x

aoc gold said...

You do not keep anything for a special occasion.because every day that you live is a SPECIAL OCCASION.

Sarah C said...

I can't imagine anyone kicking you cos you're so lovely :D

Glad you've found a team on UKS. I really got my scrapping going once I joined the one Tee's in.

Love and hugs xxxx