Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Bucketfuls of cards...thank you!

Hello. Just thought I'd show you some of the cards I have received lately...

This lovely CD was from Tina...

This gorgeous card was from the oh so talented Chrissy!

Another one from Tina...inside she had written 'Friendship-support, fun, giggles, tears and joy'...

This one arrived this morning from the lovely Jane. I knew she was sending the bird template but the card was unexpected and is beautiful!

A received this from my pal Rachel....but wait...

this is the back of fab is that!

And lastly...but by no means least...this arrived from my SBS sister Kim with all the blog candy she sent me...its scrummy!

I can't thank you all enough as they are gorgeous and have really brightened my front room up...thanks girls!

Apologies for not getting round all your blogs at the mo...still working on the new one, doing some bits for my SBS and working on some of my own stuff as well so a bit maxed out. Will catch up with you all very soon...promise!
(Thanks to everyone that has joined the new blog as well...Debs had me wetting myself this morning with her post!!)


Heather (Craftling) said...

Lovely cards! You are a lucky girl! Did I miss something, though? Whatever it was, I hope it was fun/not as bad as expected/
getting better/over now.. (Thought I'd better cover all the bases..)

Heather xx

Joana said...

Emma you are a very lucky lady they are gorgeous ,


Charlol said...

wow lovely cards. It's nice to recieve so many beautiful cards, you lucky person!

nessy said...

lovely cards emma ~just shows what a lovely person you are!!
vanessa xx
seems i am now in the "invited group" :~)

Sammi said...

Oh wow! you are a lucky lady :)
I'm glad you got some lovely cards!! :)

bubblegum said...

WoW Emma - how many gorgeous cards - but what are they for??? if you don't mind me asking. ;)

Anyways even if they are just because cards - you really do deserve them- you are one lovely person. ;) :)


CarolineH1972 said...

wow, what gorgeous cards you received Emma! you're a lucky lady