Friday, July 4, 2008

You either love it...or you hate it! (No not marmite!)

Last night we were having a discussion on Heather's blog about word verification.
If you get a chance please pop over and see what we were all mumbling about!
Me? I hate WV...its bad enough stuggling to see the screen at the best of times with my FM...but throw fibrofog in...and I spend all night clicking on the disabled button to get a half decent lot of letters I can see!!! Have pity on me and free the WV!!! PMSL!


Chrissy said...

Em, as you may or may not have realised, I turned mine off. If you are unlucky enough to receive spammy comments, you can go in and press the bin icon and delete them, That'll do for me. Love the cute cat below, it is very pretty. After looking at your blog and getting a couple more dies, I have been pressing out felt flowers all week, goodness know what I am going to do with them all but they look pretty all over my desk, I should have sixties music playing in the background. Did you get my email ok? ChrissyX

Sammi said...

I love Vegemite! Have you ever had it??

hehe - I'm the same as Chrissy :)


julietk said...

Please visit my blog Emma there is something on there for you x

Heather (Craftling) said...

Hey, Em!! Good on you!! Busy Bloggers Unite!! hehe ;)

Thanks for supporting the cause! ;)

Heather xx

Kitty said...

A couple of bloggy friends and I live in hope of getting a very dirty word for the word verification at a blog one of these days. Hasn't happened yet though :-(


nessy said...

please .... what is everyone talking about??? have i landed on another planet .... ot have i been in my own world far to long???
vanessa xx

nessy said...

thanks for the info ~chrissy has also informed me about the wv~ i agree ~takes far to long to leave comments ,i always run out of time to visit everyone!!
have a great weekend
vanessa xx

Ickle Pickle said...

I've just turned mine off (blush) didn't know I had one on though, how dim am I and I curse everyones blog that I visit that does LOL

katy said...

I turned mine off last week,it takes up too much time for me,i often have to have more than one go,lol,so did'nt want people to have to do the same when popping by my blog.xx