Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Happy, blessed and smiling!

A little something for my fairy godmother....Mrs T!

Hi everyone.
Well its been a really uplifting week and its only Wednesday! At the weekend I had a bit of a chat with the big guy in the sky. We fell out over twenty years ago and I had turned my back on him and my beliefs. As some of you know the past fours months have been incredibly stressful with lots of heartache and I have, from time to time, asked him for forgiveness and to help my family and friends.
Well he has listened and it looks like he has forgiven me and for that I am truly grateful.

We had left Gibraltar under a dark cloud but that cloud was swept away on Monday and the sun is finally shining down on us. There is now a completely different atmosphere in our home and we can now concentrate on the future and put this behind us...with a lot of valuable lessons learnt.

I also heard yesterday from a friend, who I have been so worried about, and it felt so wonderful to finally hear her voice and to know that she is safe.

Our beautiful cats arrive back from Gibraltar tomorrow and Belle has only one more sleep as she keeps telling us! We have really missed them so much and none of us can wait for our little family to be whole again....we've not missed having to do the litter tray though!

I've also received lots of lovely cards from non bloggy friends this week that were completely unexpected but gave lots of smiles to us all and some of the messages that have been left on my blog and on friends blogs have really made me feel that I am part of a wonderful circle of friends...yes Chrissy and Nessy you did both make me cry!

And my biggest blessing this week...Tina. You all know I have Fibromyalgia and lots of other grotty things, but its not often I mention them on here. Tina sees me on an almost daily basis and puts up with me walking like an old woman and my tears. The pain at the weekend was pretty unbearable but Tina has been giving me Reiki healing and I feel like a new woman! She brings so much peace and calm to not only me but my children and I am so grateful for having her in my life.

And finally, because I can hear you all yawning, thanks for reading this!! LOL!


Sammi said...

Hey Em!! Thanks for sharing :) I praise God that he has surrounded you with so many friends and for the support of Tina!! :) she is one special lady... so are you my dear!

I am glad that things are looking up for you! about time :) I am glad that the dark cloud has lifted!! yay!!

Oh - and.... Love the picture!! Great work!! :)

Heather (Craftling) said...

Emma... Sending you big hugs, girlfriend. Glad you and the Big Guy have sorted things out. ;o)

Please would you email me your address at some point? I have emailed you mine, but not had confirmation that you received it OK?

Heather xx

Ickle Pickle said...

Mrs T is a very lucky lady Emma, it's gorgeous :)

So very pleased to hear that you are feeling a whole lot better. Sounds like Tina is a godsend to you. My OH 's friend at work performs reiki and he swears by it.

So glad to hear that you have made it up with him upstairs and that he is blessing you :) onwards and upwards for you now my lady (hugs)

MeandLilG said...

Hi babes! It's so good to hear you sounding so bright and happy! I'm really pleased that things are looking so much better for you - I was very worried. Glad you and the Big Guy are mates again!!
Bet you can't wait to get the mogs back??
Lots of hugs xxxx

ScrappyPam said...

Beautiful CD! Many {{{hugs}}} - glad things are going better for you!

Dawny P said...

oh Emma, I never realised you were going through so much babes xxxx Big pink piggy hugs to you and I'm glad that the clouds are starting to lift. You'll be better when you get the mogs back - they'll soon sort you out lolxx I'll be thinking about you xxxxx

Helena said...

I am so happy that you are having a better time now!! Isn't it wonderful to have such good friends!!!

Love what you have made.

Cathy said...

Hi Emma,
Glasd you have sorted things out with the Big Man and life looks like it is on the up. I bet Belle is really excited about the cats coming back. Bless her - 1 more sleep!!
Love the art work! I have had a go at doing an altered CD - didn't think about how I was going to hang it until I had finished it - oops!!LOL
Have a great day,
Cathy xx
PS there is something for you on my blog.

nessy said...

your a very special lady and i hope i can call you a friend, i am so glad things are getting better and you can now see the light ~may this journey continue emma!!
your beautiful creation for mrs T, will be loved and cherished forever, i`m sure!! it`s stunning
vanessa xx

Vicki May said...

This is beautiful, do you hang it up, looks like it's made for a window, really nice.
So glad things are looking up for you, The guy upstairs is glad you're back I bet, he's not been anywhere, just waiting for you. I know I've been talking to him loads to lately too.
And your cats coming home ooo that's good, my daughter comes homes today so know how you feel. Carry on feeling good and enjoy this beautiful sunny weather take care Vicki x

Heather (Craftling) said...

Hi again, Em.. Got your message (and the previous one was hiding in my blog dashboard)... Have re-sent the email. If it doesn't make it to your inbox this time, try your junkmail folder. Maybe your hotmail doesn't like the look of me!! lol ;o)

Heather xx

Chrissy said...

Thats great for Tina and right up her street I'm sure :D I am glad things have lightened up a bit for you this week, chats with the big man huh? I have had a few of those ;)Will be so good to get your family back together, I am sure it will be so good to hear them purring again :D said...

Hi great work. Just nipped on to say our entry for This thursday has made it into our favs this week

Lisadwb said...

I am so glad things are finally starting to work out for you. I am reminding myself that it will not always rain, that the sun will shine again.
I bet the cats will be glad to be with the family again.

Louly said...

Emma I'm so happy that things are taking a turn for the better for you, you deserve it sweetheart.
Lou xx

Ana Baird said...

It's beautiful! Glad to hear you're feeling better!

Just call me G said...


Thankyou for your message... and even more so now I have read that lately things have been yucky... am so glad that things are on the up.....

Hopefully this year is your year! Will go check out your blog since I was last on properly later..

Sending you lots of healing light


Macpurp said...

awwww you still love me?
glad to be able to make you smile babes!
you are very special to me too!
many hugs xxx

and Cd is just beautiful!

Becky said...

It's so good to hear that things are on the up for you Emma
Hugs Becky xx

kim-paperbabe said...

Thanks for sharing, and thank God that your cloud is shifting! I can't imagine the things you go through daily and I'm sure Tina will love your creation it's beautiful!

I will send your goodies soon!

Dawny P said...

Something yummy for you over at my place xxxxxx

Charlol said...

I'm really glad things are sorting themselves out. I bet your cats are really looking forward to see you too and will be purring like mad! Understandable about the litter tray though!!!!