Saturday, July 12, 2008

Got a hot date later.....

...with a clown! Stop laughing I'm being serious! LOL! Actually we have been given some tickets to go and see the Chinese Circus later and we are all so excited!
Just wanted to show you some of the lovely goodies that have been so lovingly made for us this week...

This gorgeous little lot arrived from Linda and I was gobsmacked when it turned up! I knew she was sending a card but this made me speechless. The card is beautiful...thanks Linda!

Tina popped round in the week and gave me this beautiful 'get well' card and a scrummy hand made box full of little goodies! Thank you Ms T for spoiling me!

And this card arrived for Belle yesterday from Poppy who is Tina's dog! Belle is besotted with Poppy and would love nothing more than for her to come and live with us! We even had a temper tantrum when I had to take the card off her to take a pic....bless!

Well I have been busy this week as some of you know and I'm really pleased the altered CD's were liked. Going to take part in some challenges later so will (hopefully!) have some bits of my own to show this evening. Hope you are all having a lovely weekend...a man is stood on our roof just emptying bucket after bucket of water over the house...does it ever stop raining here!!! LOL!


Heather (Craftling) said...

Hi, Emma.. Didn't you do well this week? ;o)

Just checking in to wish you a lovely weekend!

Heather xx

Macpurp said...

clowns are scary!
have fun!!

Sammi said...

Oh cool!! How lovely :)

Have fun at the circus and enjoy your weekend!

Love Sammi

Supermum said...

Have a great night tonight!
Sue. x

NATALIE said...

lol the cards you recieved are gorgeous!
Hope you enjoy the show tonight =)

Chrissy said...

Yep clowns are scary BUT hope you have a good time :-D

Nicky said...

Hi emma,
this is nicky sammi's sister thankyou so much for your kind comments in favourite of the week I often lurk on your blog through my sisters and enjoy all the cool stuff that you come up with.Thanx
nicky xox

Donna said...

wow you have some lovely friends Emma, have fun at the circus. Its raining here in ireland too so my next project is an ark. x