Wednesday, June 25, 2008

No longer blog hopping!!

Popped over to Dana's blog tonight and found 'blurfing' surfing!! Sorry but it did make me giggle! (Actually everything makes me giggle right now...or is that hysteria!!)


NATALIE said...

Thanks for saying you hope im ok, im still coming to terms with the fact shes gone, gonna take a while =(
I have been doing loads of crafting though to take my mind off it which you can probably tell! lol

Jane said...

Blurfing, yep made me giggle too Emma, maybe we are hysterical together....its a great word though LOL
Hoping your well today

nessy said...

yes i think they need to take you away for a "holiday" by the sea!! just sit with a blanket around your knees, watch the calming waves and have a small nap !!!
no it`s great to hear you are having a giggle ~ we all need more of that !!
thanks for your kind words on my blog ,didn`t mean to make you cry!!
vanessa xx

Sammi said...

mm.. blurfing is pretty funny!!! :)
Thanks for all the links!

Our post could just be REALLY SLOW you know (maybe tomorrow!)

Chrissy said...

I got worried when I read this post on my blog - I thought what does she mean she is no longer blog hopping, we can't have that, we would be lost without ems comments :-( But no worries :)blurfing is fine by me :-)You keep smiling...X

Cathy said...

Blurfing - I love it! Its like something Ellie would make up - but it does sum up what we do!
CAthy xx

Monica said...

my girlfriend got me saying "blurfing" several months ago! It is quite funny huh? Hope you are well.

Sarah C said...

That's funny. We do have some great sayings between us all don't we? Crafting sure is does have a language of it's own xx