Friday, June 6, 2008

My birthday boy!

Before anyone says anything I know the picture is rubbish but both my kids have got chicken pox's so have not had the time to mess around with it!!!lol!
It was my scrummy hubbies 40th yesterday...and yes he did laugh when he saw the photo...we think he was about 5 at the time!
The metal circle is from an old necklace that Belle managed to break...and the paper is...whispering now...Tesco's wrapping paper...well it was just what I was looking for!LOL!
Karen over at CCC gave me this many thanks Karen!
I hope everyone is well,x


MeandLilG said...

Fab card - dead funny picture LOL! And happy birthday to your hubby - welcome to the 40 Gang!! xx

samgirl said...

Cool! Great idea!! :) Love it!!!

I've been having troubles taking good pics of my cards ... half the time I get my DH to take them for me!!

Oh no! Not the chicken pox.. poor things - have you had them?? Hope they aren't too uncomfortable and get better soon!!!

nessy said...

"smile please"!! great photo!! what a lovely idea for a 40th birthday card!! (wish i had thought of that for my husband back in feb) ~welcome to the 40 ~somethings club!!!
vanessa xx

Charlol said...

Love the idea of reusing the jewellary as I have a few odd earrings etc that I don't know what to do with. Also I know a few people who have used tesco wrapping paper for backing paper. A friend who did a koi stamps and have beautiful paper to which everyone wanted the same and all asked her where to get it from.

Supermum said...

Love those 'magpie' moments! Great card - love the photo!
Happy birthday to hubby!
Sue. x

Lainy's Little Blog said...

Cool card Emma. Happy belated birthday to your hubby. The dreaded chicken pox - you'll not be getting a minute to yourself likely! I hope the kids are better soon.

Zoe said...

Fab Card, I really like that paper.

Cathy said...

Love the card - great papers and a fab pic!!
Sorry to hear about the chicken pox - we have the tummy bug here!!! Hope they are better soon,
Cathy xx

Ickle Pickle said...

Great card, photo and papers Emma :)Belated Happy 40th to your hubby :)