Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Gill and I both love cats and over the past 2 years have fostered over 45 kittens and I would hate to think how many adult cats! We had got to the point where I had a litter in my bedroom, a litter in the bathroom, an adult cat in my sons room and that did not include my 6! Luckily hubby was away so was not having to put up with the chaos!!

Gill was looking after my daughter on this particular week and rang me to say that a very ill Siamese kitten had been added to my collection...and was in my downstairs loo!!

The poor mite was in a terrible state and was riddled with fleas and ringworm. She also had a crooked tail and was obviously dumped as she was not 'perfect'. Gill took her home as I was full and 'Coco' has never left. She is a real scabby cat and would never win any awards but to us she will always be beautiful.

I made this card for Gill and the disk (which is made out of sauce lid!) says 'purr-fect friend'....well that's what she is!!!