Saturday, March 15, 2008

My hero!

I heard this week that my friend Sally's hubby is off to Afganistan just before Christmas.

It brought back so many memories of last year when my hubby (who was already a hero in my eyes!) was sent out to Iraq.

It was a very scary time and I dread the day when he walks through the door to say he is being sent back again.

Apart from the kids, crafting and my friends and thing that got me through it was a fantastic site called

Not only do they send parcels out to the troops but they look after all of us that are left behind at home. The site is run by Karen and Agnes with lots of co-ordinators around the UK and it is non political but is so loving and caring and I made so many wonderful friends.

If you get a chance to have a look at it please have a look at all the wonderful tributes that have been made to all the troops that won't be coming home to their families. They are our fallen heroes and will always be remembered.