Tuesday, March 25, 2008

And one for the kids!

I did this for my friend's son for his 7th birthday. There is blue coiled wire coming out of the top of his head but you can't see it very clearly on the photo.


kerry said...

Hi Emma, just came over for a nosey on your blog too, it's fab! Your cards are great but I really love your 'lil chicken' card, it's adorable. Happy blogging, Kerry xxx

Monica said...

That is very cute!! Was it hard to make?? I wish I was into crafting back when my kids were little..but sadly I got into crafting when they were almost grown.

Julie said...

Hi Emma,

I'm part of the Inspirational Team http://inspirationalcraftblogs.blogspot.com/ and I'd love to feature your chicken card if it's ok with you

Please email me to let me know inspirational.blogs@gmail.com :)